The 5th Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec (Spring 2007)  Unveils Today in Dongguan 世界皮具网 - 全球网上皮具贸易 (鞋业,箱包,手袋,皮革)
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The 5th Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec (Spring 2007)  Unveils Today in Dongguan
2007/4/18  |  来源: 世界皮具网
Jointly organized by Messe Dusseldorf China Ltd., Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. & Guangdong Modern Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, co-organized by China Chamber of Commerce for 1/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts, The 5th Dongguan China Shoes. China Shoetec (Spring 2007) ,an UFI-approved professional footwear event in Asia, unveils today at Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Dongguan City, Guangdong, P.R. China. The show will last for three days from April 18-20, 2007.

Exhibiting Scale Hits Its Record High

Recording a growth of 13.6% and hitting its record high to an exhibition area of 25,000sqm, the fair attracted 515 exhibitors from PR China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan Province, as well as Asian and European countries. Renowned exhibitors including Batta, Champion Wealth, Fortune, Grand Haven, Manley, Peninsula Shoes, Sancon, Trubo Shoes from Hong Kong SAR, Cortinachina, Didini, Guangzhou Mescot, Isca, Taihua, B&C, Yinsheng, Kuari from PR China, Lida Transworld, Amanda, Mitiwell, Homewell, Jerry Yang from Taiwan Province, LDP from Japan, Body from Singapore, Dakkak from Syria, and other factories from Thailand, India, etc. With the latest and trendy collections displayed, it is expected that 22,000 international & local visitors will be attracted to the show.

Numerous pavilions have joined the show, including Hong Kong Pavilion, Taiwan Footwear Pavilion / Taiwan Shoetec Pavilion, Wenzhou Pavilion, China Chamber of Commerce for 1/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts Crafts (CCCLA) Pavilion, Huizhou Pavilion, etc. Many pavilions booked larger area than last edition, e.g. Hong Kong Pavilion, organized by Hong Kong Footwear Association, has her largest ever scale up to 740sqm exhibiting area, and CCCLA Pavilion also has 43% growth in area.

Being the best platform for Sourcing Middle-to-High end Footwear in Asia, the show attracted plenty of buyers and visitors from home & abroad. Many associations and organizations organized buyer delegations to visit, including FEDERCALZATURE, British Footwear Association, Vietnam Footwear and Leather Association, Guangdong Chain Operations Association, and other footwear representatives from Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Taiwan Province, etc.

Fabulous Concurrent Events-Fashion Show, Trendy Shoes Display Zone, Latest Color Display Zone

Daily fashion shows held onsite bring the most fashionable footwear collection to buyers and visitors. Through the professional performance of models, products features and fashion elements became alive in front of the audience.

Trendy Shoes Display Zone is another focus of the show by displaying the latest collection of the renowned exhibitors and award-winning designs of 2007 Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition.

Latest Color Trend Zone, supported by Pantone Asia Limited, has been newly set up this year. Entitled “Metamorphosis”, Pantone showcases Color Palettes for Fall / Winter 2007 / 08 emphasized a season of Change, Transformation, Mutation, and Shift. 4 color palettes of Winter 2007 / 08 named “ Caprice ”, “ Chameleon ”, “Dark Shadow “ and “Natural Poetry “ are presented onsite with 2 themes, “ Dream “ & “ Escape “, as preview for Summer 2008. Together with the seminar “ Pantone View Color Planner 2007 / 08 “, it will surely give an insight on the color trend for coming seasons & to lead ahead of the trends.

Professional Seminars to Explore International Footwear Market Trend

A series of professional seminars will be held concurrently at the show. Various issues will be discussed regarding development of local and overseas market, latest testing technologies, etc. The seminar topics include “ Overview of Worldwide & European Footwear Market – In Terms of Market Analysis, Merchandising Strategy and Direction ”, “ Factory in the Future – Less Labour is Needed “, “Overview on the Developing Trend of China Department Store & Retail Industry – Footwear “, “ Control of Restricted Substances in Footwear and Leather Goods”, “Recent Trend of New Restricted Substances for Footwear in 2007 “, “Physical Performance & Hazard Substance Analysis on Footwear “, etc, creating an interactive communication platform for buyers and exhibitors.

Autumn Shoes Fair Added since 2007

With great support from the industry, organizers decided to launch autumn fair on November 28-30, 2007 in GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan. The autumn fair is going to shine with the spring fair to build up No.1 shoes fair in Asia!

It is expected that over 700 exhibitors will participate at the autumn fair with exhibiting area reaches 30,000sqm. Show scale will grow by 20% comparing with the spring fair, expecting for 25,000 international & local visitors. With the expansion in scale, the fall edition is moving to a new venue, GD Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie of Dongguan, to provide better facilities and more room for the exhibitors to meet buyers from all over the world.

For more details, please visit .

For Exhibiting Enquiry                                 For Exhibiting Enquiry

Ms Yen Chan / Ms Vivian Kwong               Ms.Elaine Chen
Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.                 Messe Dusseldorf China Ltd.
Tel: (852)2811 8897                                    Tel: (86 21) 5027 8128
Fax: (852)2516 5024                                    Fox: (86 21) 5027 8138
Email:                     Email:

For Visiting or Press Enquiry                     For Visiting or Press Enquiry

Ms Fiona Pang                                               Ms Summer Chen
Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.                    Messe Dusseldorf China Ltd.
Tel: (852)2811 8897                                      Tel: (86 21) 5027 8128
Fax: (852)2516 5024                                      Fox: (86 21) 5027 8138
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